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Surround Yourself With Good Energy

Start associating yourself with the right energy. You have to understand that with the decision of wanting to be better, there are also people in your life who won’t want to be where you are currently right now. This means you’ll have to prioritize your wishes and commit to change until you feel like you have learned enough tools to not only have reached your goals, but to maintain them all your life.

If you do not have people who empower you, inspire you, and motivate you to keep going, it is time that you start looking for them. Don’t be shy. There is a community of women doing the same things you are doing, and if you live in fear, you’ll never find out what your life can be and who you can become.

It is easier to succeed when you have people around you to hold you accountable and do things with you. Find a friend or family member who can do so. 


Every time you feel like going off of your plan, I want you to remember why you started this program. There will always be party, celebration, or invitation that will throw you off from your main goal. Your goal is to get to that point you envisioned. Knowing that things that you may miss during this program will always be there will empower you to keep going. The hardest part is getting there. Once you get there, it’s all about maintaining. In order to maintain, there are certain sacrifices you’ll have to do for a period of time in order to reach your one goal 


Stay strong. The next day you’ll thank yourself for it. You don’t have to be perfect in order to continue this process. Think of it as the time you learned how to ride a bike. It took time and effort for you to get it done. Anything you do for the first time will take patience, effort, and practice.

Fitness is the same. We never lose; either we win or we learn. If you have a body, you’re capable of becoming extraordinary. Your body is machine that adapts to any stress you put it through. All I ask is that you step outside your comfort zone to help your body to adapt. Learn how to become comfortable being uncomfortable. In the end, you’ll learn how to appreciate your efforts and continue even more committed as you know the actual work it has taken you every day to continue to progress.

No matter what life throws at you, keep going. It’s better to get off the horse for one day than to demoralize yourself into quitting what you have started. Get back on the horse no matter what happens. At the end, ask yourself this question: who won the race? The rabbit or the turtle?