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To gauge your progress, I want you to take “before” pictures. During the duration of this program, I’d like you to take a picture every week in the same location so that you can accurately gauge your progress. Make sure you get your pictures with good lighting and at the same, straight-on, angle every time. You will want to take a photo facing front, side, and back. The goal is to be consistent, so you and I can see your progress. Every week you’re making small progress. You may not see it right away, however when you compare week 1 to week 4, the change is going to WOW you.


Make a promise to yourself that each week you’ll prioritize your desires to reach your fitness goals. You can do this by preparing your meals in advance using the meal prep tips and menu that I provide. Nutrition is the most important element to improve your overall health & achieving your aesthetic goals.


The intensity of your program depends on you. Your body is a machine that adapts to any stresses you put it through. This means your body is going to adapt easily to these circuits. Failure to come out of your comfort zone, will result in your body hitting a plateau. When you’re doing the circuits, you decide the intensity of the workout by how much resistance you use per exercise, how much you’re resting in between sets, and how much effort you put in when doing the cardio moves between exercises.