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Been there – done that – now I’m back again!

I was 206 lbs in 2010 and I had enough… I worked my butt off (literally) and lost 54 lbs in a year.  2011 I began focusing on weight lifting and even decided to work towards my personal trainers certification! By 2013 I was feeling better and more confident (cover photo shows the 3 stages).  I achieved my goal and got my PT Certification in Nov 2013 and started my internship under my aunt who is a multi-certified trainer. I was working out 5 days a week and getting stronger everyday. I loved being in the gym and I loved how I felt.  At my most “fit/strong” I weighed 152lbs and was wearing a size 6.  I’m 5’6″ tall.

I started training at a local gym in 2016 and it was a game changer.  I love helping people feel the way I felt when I went through my transformation.  It was everything… but I started loosing my time for me and my workouts as I became more invested in others.. I couldn’t find the balance, and the fact that I was doing all of this while working a full time government job… well needless to say.. something had to give.
I’ve always had knee problems and I knew (from a previous surgery (2009) that eventually I would need a knee replacement.  That time was fast approaching.  My workouts had become less and less and my time in the gym was diminishing as well.  Weight was “ok”, but it was slowly creeping back up 155, 160, 165… by my 50th birthday (Jan 2019) I was at 167 (but I “felt” ok).  Fast forward to July 2019 and I’m now around 170.. and my knees are getting worse.  Back and forth to orthopedics etcs… and by Dec 2019 I had a partial knee replacement.  I went into surgery at 175lbs… and that was it.

Little to no “real” activity for months is really not my friend and a jacked up knee didn’t help at all.  I was already feeling “blah” because of the weight of I was gaining.. and the more my knee hurt the less I wanted to do (be in the gym).  So…between recovery from the knee replacement and then COVID (Jan 2020) — my “physical activity” and “workouts” were pretty non existing — and low and behold right back up to the 205lbs.   Now, here I am today – Oct 2021 and I’m a stuck at 195lbs.  I drop a few pounds here and there but nothing substantial and nothing consistent.  I haven’t been able to find my “drive” again.. that thing that just made me want to workout – regardless… and I want it back!  I WANT IT BACK!!

I did the MA60 and lost 10lbs… but I didn’t “stick with it” and got lazy and gained that right back so I decided to… GIVE IT MY ALL AND GO FOR IT.  I know I can do it — I’ve BEEN THERE DONE THAT… I just need to do it.

I will be back to my “healthy” weight/size again.. and this community is just what I need to help me get going!

Practices & Goals


Weight Lifting, Cardio, HIIT


Lose Body Fat, Build Muscle, Increase Overall Health, Improve Energy Levels