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Dear Warrior,

I am THRILLED that you have chosen to join me for the next 60 days as we elevate both our body and mind. If you know my story, then you know that mental health has played a huge role in my fitness journey. My passion for movement and nutrition were largely impacted by the way these factors influenced my mental health. It has been my joy to share the tools needed in these areas with thousands of people like yourself to experience a better quality of life. Your mental health plays an important role in your physical health. When you are anxious, your ability to problem-solve diminishes.

Stress starts to break down your body systems, causing big health issues over time. It’s crucial that we are intentional about our mental health, and that’s why I created this program. As we move our bodies over the next eight weeks, I’m also going to be leading you in mental health exercises. What I am asking of you is to be honest and vulnerable with yourself. So often we avoid facing things in ourselves because they bring pain, understandably, but if you shut off pain, then you also shut off your ability to have joy.

You can’t isolate emotions like that. It just doesn’t work in your body, scientifically. So, I’m asking you to be raw and real for these next 60 days. You may cry. You may laugh. You may scream, but you will heal. You will forgive. You will build you self-confidence. You will love deeper and more fully. The MA Warrior community is here to support you along the way, and so am I. Stay connected. Stay focused. Give this program your all for 60 days, and watch what happens.

Let’s get it, Warrior!