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Program Overview

If you are new to my programs, I want to welcome you and help guide you a little with how they come together. For those veteran warriors who have completed the MA30, MA45, MA60 or Booty Guide know how the programs flow and how to follow. It’s best to get organized in the beginning and help outline what to expect. Your success with this ELEVATE program is heavily dependent on making sure you follow the 3 pillars of the program: Workouts, Nutrition, and your Journal

Workout Guide

ELEVATE workouts are divided into two distinct styles: resistance training and yoga flows with 3 workouts of each style. The workouts are structured out for 8 weeks and designed to be around 30-45 minutes each. For the resistance training workouts, try to use a resistance band that challenges you for the desired number of repetitions.

Nutrition+ Meal Prepping

It’s important you fuel your body with the the right foods. Make a promise to yourself that each week you’ll prioritize your desires to reach your fitness goals. You can do this by preparing your meals in advance using the meal prep tips and menu that I provide. Nutrition is the most important element to improve your overall health & achieving your goals as you can never out train a bad diet.

Mindfulness Journal

I’m such a firm believer of using a journal or diary to help me isolate my thoughts, track my progress with my workouts and nutrition and help me gain a better understanding of myself. It’s important to use this new journal feature to help to become more mindful of your entire health journal as fitness progress has so much more than just workouts and diets. Your journal will help you set your goals as well as remind you of them later in your program when things become more challenging. I want you to review your journal every day!

MA Warrior Community + Accountability

I welcome you to embrace the Warrior community as established with our private Facebook group. I understand some of you prefer not to use Facebook, but it’s such a powerful resource when paired with your program. This exclusive community is one that is focused around POSITIVITY, being KIND, and most important being HELPFUL. As much as I would love the opportunity to be blessed with being able to connect individually to help coach you along your journal please use this group as a way to connect with one another. I’ve seen such beautiful friendships emerge from those interacting with the group, sharing their stories, helping one another as we all were beginners at something at some point. Being a MA Warrior not only involves the changes achieved through the programs, but also giving back to the community and assisting one another through their journey. Together when united we become so much stronger than any one single person. 


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