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Day 1 – Resistance Training

Repeat moves in superset fashion 4 times before moving on to next circuit.
Give yourself 30 seconds – 1 minute of rest between. 

Circuit 1

Reverse Lunge to Lateral Lunge8 Reps Each
Plank w/ Leg Through and Lift Off8 Reps Each
Block Copenhagen Lifts 1:3:15 Reps Each
Down Dog Hip CARs6 Reps Each

Circuit 2

Block Elevated Lunge w/ Cross-Connect8 Reps Each
Single Leg T-Balance8 Reps Each
Forearm Side Plank w/ Abduction Circles6 Reps Each
Alternating Leg Lowers8 Reps Each

Circuit 3

Hip Bridge w/ Block & Alt. SL Reach8 Reps Each
Block Crunch w/ Alternating Hip EXT.8 Reps Each