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Instagram Post Criteria

Instagram Story Criteria

Ideas and Tips to Create Content

Content Idea #1
Use snippets from a workout to create a reel about your journey or maybe just a piece of it. Overlay text to describe your experience, if desired, but keep it short and simple!
Content Idea #2
Create "A Day in the MA Lifestyle" Reel that highlights all of the components that make up a successful day when you're on the MA Journey (i.e. the workout, nutrition, water intake, stretching/recovery, important of sleep, managing stress, supplements, etc). Optional: Use the voiceover feature in Instagram reels.
Content Idea #3
Sharing a mindset shift you've learned along the way. One way to share this is to create a reel with a moving picture, then use a "DARK" aesthetic overlay and put you're quote or lesson you learned on top. Aim to keep reel short (7-9 seconds).
Content Idea #4
"Then" versus "Now" posts. For example: transformation posts, perhaps of a move you struggled with before but now have improved, or showing your physical transformation, or ditching old habits and creating new ones. Walk people through your journey and show them how you are changing, little by little, and how that adds up to big change!
Content Idea #5
Photos or Reels of your meals
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Ready to create some amazing content? Here are some videos to guide you!

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