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  • Cornelia

    October 25, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    Bloating most often comes from food that is not properly digested. I would write down what you eat and take notes when you feel good and when you feel bloated. Reduce ingredients that are known to cause bloating like cauliflower and legumes and see how you feel (sugar also can be bloating or milk if you are intolerant). Often people that eat healthy and lots of veggies and such might eat too little of other things. I would definitely recommend to look into portion suggestions for carbs protein and fats so you get an idea what amounts would be good for you without having to count and measure everything too rigorously.

    In terms of breathing you want to breathe in during the easy part of the movement and breathe out during the hard part for example, during a push-up you will breathe in when you lower and breathe out when you push up. If you are having trouble doing so, slow down the movement and be more intentional


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