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  • What Body Type Should I Choose?

    Posted by KaLinda-Admin on December 8, 2021 at 11:20 am

    This is a commonly asked question, as a few of the programs are built around specific body types. It’s pretty easy to figure out, and if you’re not 100% sure, you will just want to go with the one that best describes you.Here are the basics:

    Ectomorph: Are you long and lean? Do you have a very fast metabolism and burn fat easily, but have a harder time keeping muscle? You’re probably an ectomorph!

    Mesomorph: Do you have a more athletic build? Mesomorphs tend to have broad shoulders and narrow hips. They burn fat easily, but also gain muscle easily as well.

    Endomorph: Do you have a slower metabolism and find that you gain fat easily, but have a hard time building muscle? Wider hips and narrow shoulders? You’re probably an endomorph.

    What’s the difference between these meal plans? It mainly lies in the carbohydrates. Here in the MA world, you are not going to hear us advise you to severely limit carbs, especially with the active lifestyle we are emulating. Carbohydrates are great fuel and they are not the enemy if you are consuming a balanced diet of mostly complex carbs and some simple, healthy carbs. Processed carbs like chips, candy, cookies, cakes – that’s where you have o be careful. However, some body types do tend to be more carb-sensitive, so endomorphs are going to have less carbohydrates than an ectomorph, who is going to burn through all of those carbohydrates easily and will need plenty to build/keep muscle. Mesomorphs tend to lie somewhere in the middle, but I will say that the endomorph and mesomorph plans tend to be pretty similar, so if you are unsure, again just pick the closest body type.

    Questions? Ask below!

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