• 57 Sessions

    8 Week Lifestyle Guide (Massy 2.0)

    This 8-week program incorporates bodybuilding workouts with a cardio schedule to help you build lean muscle and decrease body fat! Workouts are designed with 4 supersets per workout, performed in 3 or 4 sets. Each week, you will train: -Lower body 2x/week -Upper body 2x/week -Core 1x/week -Two active recovery days with a yoga flow
  • 24 Sessions

    Booty Program

    Booty guide, the revolutionary program that helps you grow a shapely butt and get in the best shape of your life. Learn how to perform movements properly with great follow-along videos and tutorials while shaping up with this 60 day workout plan.

  • 40 Sessions

    Booty Program – MA365 Version

    Booty guide, the revolutionary program that helps you grow a shapely butt and get in the best shape of your life. Learn how to perform movements properly with great follow-along videos and tutorials while shaping up with this 60 day workout plan.

  • 16 Sessions

    Creating an Effective Workout

    No one likes to put in the work without seeing results. In this course, I share valuable information on how to get the most out of every workout, from how to push yourself in your workouts to building strength and more!
  • 57 Sessions

    Elevate Volume 1

    6 follow-along style workouts per week with Massy. Each week includes 3 resistance training workouts and 3 yoga flows.

  • 25 Sessions

    Elevate Volume 2

    Building from everything learned in Elevate Volume 1, we continue your fitness journey featuring more advanced resistance training and yoga flows to further challenge you.

    Elevate 2 features a 5 day a week workout program that emphasizes fat loss safely through 4 resistance training and 1 yoga flow workouts to decrease body fat while increasing your flexibility, mobility, and strength. 
  • 41 Sessions

    Find Your Strength

    8 week workout program that utilizes simple equipment to train at home including: dumbbells, resistance band, and your own body weight to transform your body into the beautiful machine it was designed to be. This program uses short 45 minute workouts for you to unlock your strongest self, enhance cardiovascular conditioning, and improve your mobility. Get ready to sky rocket your self confidence and build the body you always wanted. This program focuses on progressive movements to train safely and effectively to get the results you always wanted.

  • 3 Sessions

    How to Recover Properly

    Learn why recovery days are vital to staying healthy and injury-free and how to get the most out of your recovery day.
  • 3 Sessions

    How to Succeed

    In this course, Massy and her business partner, Sean Torbati, talk about important concepts one should understand in order to be successful throughout their program.

  • 28 Sessions


    This popular program is a high energy 4-week challenge that incorporates bodybuilding style movements and cardio to burn fat and build muscle! You will train two days on lower body, two days on upper body, one day of core, and 2 active rest days with cardio mixed in throughout the program. If you like traditional bodybuilding training, you're going to love this program!   Download the Non-Vegan Meal Plan Here Download the Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Plan Here
  • 48 Sessions


    This challenge includes 2 days of full body HIIT workouts, 1 day of core, and 2 days of optional booty workouts! Cardio is included on this program. This 4-week program is actually designed to be completed in two rounds. You will have the same workouts for round two, but the cardio will vary. I encourage you to really push yourself on the second round by increasing weight (only while keeping excellent form) or taking less rest time in between circuits. If you stick with it, you are going to see amazing results in 60 days! The guide includes 4 weeks of meal plans designed to help you burn fat and build muscle (which you can repeat for round two). This throwback program is a fun, upbeat way to shred fat! Workouts can be performed in a gym or at-home with minimal equipment. Equipment needed:
    • Dumbbells or kettlebells
    • Loop booty bands (Get mine here!)
    Download the Non-Vegan Meal Plan Here
  • 24 Sessions


    This is a fun 4-week program that is high-energy and brings results! You will incorporate bodybuilding movements with cardio to maximize fat burn and encourage…
  • 18 Sessions


    Welcome to your year of transformation!

  • 30 Sessions

    MA45 Warrior Program

    45 Day At-Home training program to teach you how to train effectively in a shorter amount of time to achieve results and never plateau. Uses movements that require your body weight, resistance bands, and a never give up attitude to get fit while in the comfort of your home. 

  • 41 Sessions

    MA60 Day

    60 day training program to help achieve your best self. You’ll rely on simple equipment that will enable you to feel confident around the gym or at home (using dumbbells and bands).

  • 7 Sessions

    Massy’s Workout Schedule (9/26-10/2)

    Follow along with Massy’s personal workout schedule each week as she selects her favorite workouts from all of the programs, plus brand new workouts! *NOTE:…
  • 31 Sessions

    Movement Assessment + Intervention

    Movement Assessment + Intervention was created to help you address any pain or lack of mobility in your body with specific assessments to test your mobility and interventions/modifications to improve your range of motion and quality of movement, as well as to reduce pain. Matthew Uohara is a movement coach who specializes in Postural Restoration Training, the technique that is at the core of every MA program.

  • 5 Sessions

    Nutrition Foundations

    Nutrition is where most people struggle when it comes to reaching their fitness goals. Massy and her business partner, Sean Torbati, discuss foundational concepts that will set you up for success in approaching your nutrition.
  • 6 Sessions

    Nutrition Foundations: Part Two

    Building upon the first course, Nutrition Foundations: Part Two will help you develop a deeper understanding of how to eat to properly fuel your body. Your personal nutritional needs will be unique and understanding this will help you approach your nutrition in a way that is sustainable for a lifetime.
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